we'll poke ur eyeballs out!

There is something about this song, deceptively simple sheen and not much going on you think save for some RJD2 / Caribou vibing?

But then you listen a couple of times and it all works itself out. Dude has latched on to the natural poetic meter of the Japanese language, its own inherent musicality contained within the pitch-accents of its formants, the way it trips along in ups and downs but in quite a harmonic, uniform sense. Like the highs and lows of the piano and beats that make up Makkuro Kurosuke, which builds itself from a Hayao Miyazaki film quote.

Gejius - Makkuro Kurosuke

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James said...

It's absolute arse I thought at first with absolutely no redeeming features...then by about a quarter of the song in it suddenly became exceptionally cute. I have no idea why though. Hmm...it's a pretty basic chord structure but the Japanese language leaps all around it and makes the entire song sound incredibly manic. I'm imagining drunk schoolkids running around a piano yelling for some reason!

I also just found this:

the sample for "makkuro kurosuke" was taken from the excellent anime film MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO, in case you didn't know. its a chant that the kids used to tell the ghosts and spirits to stop hiding and to reveal themselves.

Now that makes the song cooler!