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Former Stone Roses singer Ian Brown launched a stinging tirade against Kylie Minogue today after she was honoured as an idol at the Q Awards.
Brown, who won the Q Legend award [deservedly], told BBC Radio: "I don't think she's cute. I don't think she's good looking ... I don't know what Kylie's doing at music awards to be honest." (mX, 9.10.07, p3)

Nor it seems, does she - take a look at her 'acceptance' speech via Sky News via Courier Mail. Hilarious.

... Brown said Minogue's music was "rubbish" and "made for little kids".
"I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm putting her down but there's a lot of great minds out there making music and she's not one of them."
Accepting the award for Q Idol earlier, Minogue said: "Just don't ask me what it means but I'm very grateful and honoured to be receiving this." (mX again)

Now I don't really agree with Brown's conviction (c'mon, she's worked with Gondry; and Panda Bear lists her inside Person Pitch - indie cred ahoy! More than Kanye even?) but it's hard not to really when she serves up lines like that.

Elsewhere, described by No Rock And Roll Fun as the 'seventh most important awards' of the year ("held on a Monday lunchtime over a bare dinner table, like a head of departments meeting in a failing comprehensive, and with about as much impact"), the Q Awards were a bastion of sharp judgement: Artice Monkeys 'Best Act in the World Today' (nothing like a bit of overblown British parochialism; Britpop Mark 2) and Kaiser Chiefs' Ruby 'Best Video' (anyone who's seen this mess of thing would probably beg to differ - how about Plaster Casts of Everything, Klaxons' epic trilogy, Dr Love? To name but a few...).

Actually, Ian, love ya mate, but maybe take a squiz at the mediocre output of your own patch before trashing 'our' Kylie.

SWEET IRONY UPDATE: The ever-reliable mX reports today (11/10/07) that Amy Winehouse's "prestigious Q Award for Best album" was found left in the toilets of a London bar! Where it belongs!

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