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Kath & Kim - 7.30pm Sundays, Channel Seven

Ra ra ra, commercial television/culture is crap. The private television stations pander to the lowest common denominator in their attempt to sell as much audience to advertisers as they can; public television (ABC, SBS) is the last bastion of refined, progressive programming, etc. etc.

How then, can a show become significantly more politicised in its transfer from public to private broadcast? The new season of Kath & Kim is the most topical, political, progressive one yet, an uneasy albeit (or because it is) funny look at colloquial politics. First we had the "bloody Howard" stab at the IR laws and now tonight's episode went to task on new forms of racist patriotism manifesting themselves in Australia (including Border Security), hilariously.

I'm not sure how to make sense of this, or whether or not it is truly politically radical, but it sure beats silence.

2 riffs:

matt said...

Definitely more topical/political. But is that a good thing?

The old humour was far from subtle, but it was layered - a caricature but it felt real. Now it feels pinned down to these one liners and punch lines - especially the politico ones that are sure to get them the kind of media attention that boosts ratings...

Lawson said...

I suppose you've got a point there, but I still think that the show is quite layered and still retains elements of subtlety (well subtle for some, as I realised when watching it with my dear old nanna).

And sure you can berate the fact that this politicking might win ratings, but at least within the framework of an inevitably commercial system they're doing something progressive (depending on your political viewpoint, that is). Frankly, I hope the whole country watches them if they keep up the political commentary like this.